Rebate Management allows you to lock in profits by managing the various types of incentive deals that suppliers and manufacturers offer. Whether you manage your rebates manually or you have a process of capturing rebates but cannot manage the performance criteria effectively, Rebates can support your operation.

Bridging the gap between your logistics and financial systems for rebate program management

Do you know how you are doing with your rebate performance? How close are you to meeting your supplier’s performance criteria? What do you need to track and collect your rebates?

Rebates and savings

Suppliers offer many different types of rebates to Retailers. These rebates are based on how much product you buy, receive, sell or scan at the store. Rebates allows you to capture those vendor funds and the associated performance criteria when the supplier introduces the rebate. Rebates automatically collects the data required for each rebate from the Retailer. After a rebate has met the termination date, Rebates updates the final performance criteria. A supplier remittance document is generated along with all the appropriate transactions accounting for rebates. Rebates maintains an audit and history of all rebates that are updated on the system.

Features provide flexibility, visibility and confidence in your procure to pay solution

Capture Rebates

  • Automated or Manual Rebate Entry
  • Warehouse or Store Rebate Option
  • Supports Manufacturer & Supplier rebates
  • Import rebates from external system
  • Supports lump sum rebates
  • Supports tiered rebates

Rebates from Start to End

  • Rebates based on orders, receipts, warehouse shipments and store scans
  • Rebate Recovery for late entered rebates
  • Automatic accounting, financial interface and vendor notification of rebates
  • Rebate Performance remittance to Supplier


  • Automatic feeds to GL, AR or AP
  • Provide intermittent collections for long running rebates


  • Tracking of prefunded rebates
  • Rebate tracking by item, store, chain and zone
  • Continuous review and alert reports ensuring all rebates can be achieved
  • Min/max thresholds to ensure collection of proper values