Interaction takes Invoice Reconciliation to the next level gaining more productivity by drastically increasing your match rates.

Interactions is a Supplier Relationship Management tool that allows suppliers to participate in the invoice reconciliation process.

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Interactions was developed for retailers as a collaborative tool in a controlled environment to manage vendor costing and quantities during the procure to pay process. Interactions delivers supply chain optimization by allowing your company to bring the efficiencies of Balances invoice reconciliation to your supplier network.

Interactions streamlines the time consuming process of communicating discrepancy resolutions to and from the vendor community with an automated collaboration process. The supplier information is systematically incorporated into the reconciliation process which means the discrepancy may be resolved without needing to involve the buyer.



  • Automated notification and acknowledgement process between supplier and retailer
  • Provides support for non-EDI suppliers
  • Reduced workflow to buyers
  • Fully integrated with Balances Invoice Reconciliation


  • Increase match rates with supplier
  • Involve both EDI and non-EDI suppliers
  • Increase productivity of buyers
  • Reduce supplier A/R work-load by:
    • Automating matching of remittance document and payment to invoice
    • Provide supplier with a single document of all payments and allowances on a consolidated check
  • Eliminate re-payments